Thursday, September 30, 2010

hOw To Be A gOoD pErSoN

How To Be A Good Person
Tips On How To Be The Best One Can Be
Think Like A Good Person
Part of the battle is changing one's mindset to reflect the type of person one aims to be rather than the type of person one presently is. Surprisingly, a shift occurs naturally just from trying to change one's outlook without actually having to do anything. The mind controls much more than one thinks and putting the wheels in motion in little ways can help change the larger picture.
Be Aware of What Goes On Outside of Oneself
Part of being a good person warrants paying attention to what happen in the outside world. Think about how others perceive different scenarios and how many different vantage points different people may hold.
Different strokes for different folks and respecting and even embracing differences is an excellent way of creating peace and even learning and expanding one's own mind and world.

Don't Forget To Breathe
It's easy to forget that sometimes breathing is enough to change one's attitude from explosive to calm. Take three deep breaths every time the anger starts to rise. Just a few, deep breaths really can make the difference between a fight and a conversation, between making someone else angry for no reason and calming down.
A good rule of thumb is to consider whether each word or action is better than saying or doing nothing at all and not exercising that unless it passes that test.

Take Action
There are so many different actual things one can do to be a good person in everyday life. Give leftover food to a homeless person rather than throwing it away. Volunteer to mentor a child rather than sit on the couch and watch television. Let that car into your lane rather than cutting it off. Smile at a stranger. Offer a seat on the subway. Ask someone how his/her day was and actually listen. Little things mean a lot and changing small habits will eventually lead to big changes that will help make the world a better place.


daya said...

wah menarik topic ko ni.. aku skang dalam usaha nk ubah diri, aku nk praktik kn tips yg ko bg ni tok maintain baik smpai akhir hayat aku..hahah