Thursday, September 30, 2010

TeN tIpS FoR a lOnGeR aNd HaPpIEr LiFe

Ten Tips for a Longer and Happier Life
Having a long and happy life is one which most people hope to attain. Longevity is related to both both good mental health and physical health habits. Here are a number of ways that a person can be happier both physically and mentally.
Live in the present
“Learn from the past, live in the present, and prepare for the future.” might become one's mantra. It is impossible to change the past. What is done is done. No one can predict the future, what will be will be. A person can however learn to live in the reality which is the present.
The prayer has a number of formats but one states that a person needs to understand what they can change and that which is not under their control and be able to differentiate between the two. One can change bad habits, no person can stop a hurricane or a flood. This may be an extreme case, but the importance is to distinguish being what is empowered to change versus what is out of one’s control.
Develop a hobby
It really is not that important what the hobby is and the suggestion here is not to use the hobby to dodge everyday needs, but developing an expert skill in anything can be very fulfilling.
Care for nature
A pet is a great way to both give an get love. Certain life forms such as a goldfish may not be as affectionate as a cat or dog but they represent an element of the universe that is dependent. Even houseplants, for people who cannot keep animals as pets, have needs such as water and nutrients and in exchange give something back, beauty.
Volunteer for a good cause
Volunteering is a great way to get involved in a cause and a way to meet other people with similar interests or goals.
Hope for the best
Pessimism is a great way to shorten one's life span. This does not mean that one should turn into a Polly Anna proclaiming to oneself, if not the world that everything is grand. A positive attitude when facing difficulties can be self-fulfilling.
Lower expectations in oneself and others
The world is full of disappointment. People can become discouraged in themselves by not realizing their own expectations. A reassessment of dreams and goals can be a great way to distinguish between what is realizable and possible and what is not.
This is not meant to discourage but a way of looking at expectations realistically. Where the “pie in the sky” was the goal perhaps “a piece of the pie” is good enough. In other words, one can set intermediate goals which are achievable.
People who do not demand too much from other people have friends and friendship is important to living a longer and happier life.
Be self-caring
Self-caring should be distinguished from selfish. A person can't accomplish much for anyone if he or she does not take care of himself or herself first.
Set goals and ambitions
This tip is almost synonymous with the tip on lowering expectations but differs in an important way. The person with too lofty an ambition is probably doomed to failure. The person without any goals or ambitions is a failure already. Anyone starting out with “I wanted to, but …” rather than “I expect to, but …” hasn't thought through the possibilities. Small steps in goal setting often yield big results.
Perseverance wins in the end
When a goal is realistic a first, second, or even third approach may not work. Giving up was not the attitude of inventors such as Thomas Edison. One might need to think through a problem in another way. Another thought one might want to keep in mind is that the end result might not only be different it may be better.


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